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Application Industry: Washing Powder, Daily Chemical Washing, Cleaning Industrial
Product Name: Antifoam RK-106P
RK-106P is a kind of powder defoamer suitable for foaming environment of macromolecule in water systems. It has good defoaming&antifoaning performances, stable in high temperature and strong alkali environment. It鈥檚 widely used in aqueous foaming system control, like washing powder, daily chemical washing, cleaning industrial, etc.. RK-106P is stable, not toxic, not corrosive, and not sensitive to acid&alkali.
Product property
Good defoaming & antifoaming performance
Easily disperse in water
Suitable for water-based foaming system
Main physical and chemical properties
AppearanceWhite powder
pH value4.0~8.0
Application Process
RK-106P could be added directly. The volume of addition is 0.1鈥帮綖0.6%. According to your specific condition, optimum volume of addition could be adjusted. Do not dilute.
Key Applications
Cleaning industrial
Washing powder, daily chemical washing
Knowledge shared
Types of powder antifoam: generally, there are two types of powder antifoams-silicone and non-silicone. RK-106P is silicone type defoamer, it鈥檚 content is polyether modified polysiloxane and sodium salt. Whether to choose silicone or silicone free powder defoamer, that depends on your specific conditions and requirements. Buy Powder Defoamer

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