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Monel 400 (UNS N04400/W.Nr.2.4360)
Chemical Composition Wt.%alloy%NiCuFeCMnSiP
Monel 400MIN6328—–
g/cm³8.83Melting point
The minimum mechanical properties of the alloy at room temperatureTypical mechanical propertiesTest℃tensile strength
Rm N/mm2Yield Strength
A5 %
Solution treatmentRoom temperature48017035
CharactersMonel400 is a dosage of the largest, most versatile, excellent corrosion resistance alloy. This alloy has excellent corrosion resistance in hydrofluoric acid and fluorine gas medium, also has excellent corrosion resistance to hot concentrated lye. Also resistant to neutral solution, water, seawater, air, organic compounds, such as corrosion. An important feature of this alloy is that it generally does not produce stress corrosion cracking and has good machinability.
Corrosion ResistanceMonel400 alloy has excellent corrosion resistance in fluorine gas, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid and their derivatives. At the same time more corrosion resistance than copper-based alloys in seawater. Monel400 is corrosion-resistant in less than 85% sulfuric acid. Monel400 is one of the few materials that can withstand hydrofluoric acid. Water corrosion: Monel400 alloy corrosion in most cases, not only excellent corrosion resistance, and pitting, stress corrosion are also rarely found, the corrosion rate of less than 0.025mm / a. High temperature corrosion: Monel400 continuously working in the air the maximum temperature is generally about 600 ℃, the high temperature steam, the corrosion rate of less than 0.026mm / a. Due to the high nickel content of Monel400 alloy, it is resistant to corrosion under anhydrous ammonia of 585 ℃and ammonification conditions.
ApplicationsMonel400 alloy is a multi-purpose material that can be used in many industrial fields:
1. Power plant in the seamless pipe, steam pipe.
2. Sea water exchanger and evaporator.
3. Sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid environment.
4. Crude oil distillation.
5. Use the equipment’s shaft and propeller in sea water.
6. Nuclear Industry Equipment for making uranium refining and isotope separation.
7. Manufacture pumps and valves used in the production of hydrochloric acid Monel Alloys

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