How Current Scenarios in the Credit Industry Impact Credit Scores


According to recent polls, four out of ten Canadians feel that increased hikes in interest rates will bring a lot of financial troubles. One such survey also found that one in three Canadians believe that recent hike in interest rates hasalready affected them badly. It’s very clear that Canadians are nowhere near prepared for high-interest rate environment. These views of people came out after the Bank of Canada raised its key interest rates twice this year. This sudden and large changeby the Bank of Canada has brought a subsequent amount of changes in the industry.

Regarding the common Canadian who needs loans frequently for their primary and luxury needs, these changes seem to be hard and disappointing. These moves by the central bank have prompted all other big banks to experiment with their prime lending rates; the cost of variable rate credit, cash loans Red Deer and other loans like home loans and education loans are getting pushed up.

Observing the geopolitical scenarios and the way external factors are affecting Canada, it is hard to tell where this credit industry will go in coming times. With these kinds of situations, credit ratings of common people will be negatively impacted .Once this starts to take place, then everyone is well aware how difficult it is to have bad credit mortgage loans Canada. For a bit more insight: earlier this month the International Monetary Fund warned in a report that Canada’s debt level is higher than an average Canadian households’ ability to pay down that debt; the credit amount Canadians owe in respect of their disposable income hit a record high in the second quarter.

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