About Us

Where Starters and Finishers Converge

Finish My Project is a forum for starters to post incomplete projects to either seek professional services to complete, or sell them to those finishers looking for their next project.

Let’s face it, we have all started a project and either did not have the professional knowledge to finish it, finances, or perhaps we no longer have room to store an unfinished project. Whether it is a simple install of a lighting fixture, kitchen remodel, or classic car restoration, our goal is to provide the forum and expertise to match starters with finishers.

Why rely on the experiences of strangers or bias reviews to determine who is best suited to complete or buy your project, when in the end, your experience is what matters. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality professional service contractors in your area, while giving you the flexibility of posting your project at a price you feel is reasonable to complete your job. This concept puts you in control, the end user, to make an educated decision on who is the right pro or best suited buyer for your project.