A Comparison between LED and Light Bulb


Every now and then newer and newer technologies arrive at the market replacing the older ones. Let it be anything ranging from supercomputer to remote control fans they are a good example of modern-day technological advancements. One such recent replacement seen is that of the age-old traditional halogen bulbs with the modern LED household lighting. The modern efficient working led lights last longer and uses less energy than other lighting equipment.

They look better and illuminates better than a light bulb. It is better to work in an LED light that any other lighting source as it soothes your eyes. A light bulb might be cheaper than a Led but an LED is equivalent to a 50-watt bulb and still consumes only seven to six watts. And still, an LED can produce a large amount of light than a light bulb and last three times longer than a light bulb. All of it makes the point very clear that the investment made in the LED is worth the cost.

To install a LED at your home a LED profile is a good option to give a clean finished look to the area. Usually made up of aluminum they are suitable to be used anywhere in kitchen lighting, interior lighting design, ceilings under cabinet lights as they are available in various shapes and sizes. To complete the look end caps and diffusers are attached to the mainframe. They are stable and reliable and easy to install.

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