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There are glass bottles in our country since ancient times. In the past, academics had always thought that glassware was very rare in ancient times. Only a few ruling classes should own and use it. However, recent studies argue that ancient glassware is not difficult to produce and manufacture, but it is not easy to save so future generations will see scarcely. Glass bottle is China’s traditional beverage packaging containers, glass is also a very historic packaging materials. In the influx of many kinds of packaging materials, glass containers still occupy an important position in the beverage packaging, which is inseparable from the packaging characteristics that it has irreplaceable with other packaging materials. Today, the use of glass containers more widely, it is also used as a Reptile Terrarium.

Reptile terrarium is the use of broken glass, soda ash, sodium nitrate, carbonate shellfish, quartz sand and other raw materials made more than a dozen, after 1600 degrees Celsius melt molding and other technology produced a container. According to different molds to produce different shapes of glass bottles, according to different molds to produce different shapes of glass containers. So let’s take a look at the advantages of the reptile terrarium.

Glass material has good barrier properties, can well prevent oxygen and other gases on the invasion of the contents, while preventing the contents of volatile components to the atmosphere volatile. Glass can be used repeatedly, can reduce packaging costs. Glass can be easier to change the color and transparency. Glass is safe and hygienic, it has good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion resistance, and has the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance, washing resistance, it can be high temperature sterilization, can also be cold storage.

In addition, as glass bottles are suitable for the automatic filling production line, domestic glass bottles automatic filling technology and equipment development are more mature, the use of glass bottles of fruit and vegetable juice drinks in the country have some production advantages. It is because of glass has many advantages, it has also become the preferred packaging of beer, and our country is also the world’s glass beer bottles use a higher proportion of countries. Glass beer bottle, as the mainstream packaging of beer packaging, has undergone a century of great changes in the packaging of beer, and is still favored by the beer industry for its stable material structure, no pollution and low price.
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