Body Scanners in Tech and Fashion Industry


We are well aware of the fact that technology has its influences on people, businesses, industries and everything else that is there. This articles is aimed to discuss the influence of technology on particular industry i.e. Technology on fashion industry. Fashion industry of this time and age influenced by two major technologies first 3D technology and second is software technology.

Talking about the software aiding the fashion industry, the results are obvious as there are CAD based body scanners that are helping fashion players in their garment measurement operations. With effective ERP system around, garment factories and other fashion producers can manage their work with the utmost efficiency. CAD software is another thing that deserves a mention. This is a solution used for patter grading and cutting works. This software are just blessing for the large scale businesses.

3D technology is another very large influence on the realm of fashion. Half the work is done for a fashion personal, if he gets the exact sizes and cuttings according to the design and wearer’s size. Measuring body is extremely easy and precise as anything with the help of 3D technology. It allows you to measure the size perfectly and the data collected from the 3D scanners and devices can be used later for making clothe.

For instances, data collected from the 3d technology devices can be stuffed into CAD pattern grading device will use cutters and spreaders for cutting the cloth according to the data. From the business owner and designer’s point of view, these things are of great help. People who are into the fashion industry must make use of these available facilities in order to get on top of their working.

There are sources out there that can provide fashion people with all the possible support. Whether you need 3D scanners or CAD software, the source that you can put your trust on is [TC]². [TC]² is a leading developers of CAD systems and 3D scanners. Pattern Grading CAD software and scanners of the company are accurate and serves the purposes effectively. This company is helping fashion industry to a great extent. They are doing this for quite a while and can do the work precisely.

About [TC]²:

[TC]² is a leading technology developer of 3D body scanning technology. From styling advice to manufacturing, they have products aiding all kinds of works.

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