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Shenyang Rui Diao Machinery Factory is located in Shenyang city which has the reputation of”The elderest son if PRC.” It is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on the technology of woodworking CNC machining center and focuses on the products and services of CNC woodworking machine tools. The company was established in 2005. Now we have two brands KINGKONG and VANZEN with 12 series of more than 100 products sold all over the world. It will build a three-dimensional service network in all economically developed regions of the world. The company has a innovative sales service team nearly 100 staff and forms a complete industry-wide value chain that integrates independent core technology, core components, core products and industry system solutions.
As the leader of the industry of the Chinese woodworking CNC machining center and the practitioner and promoter of industry 4.0, we have been successfully developed the woodworking CNC machining center, woodworking CNCrouter, five-axis woodworking CNC machiNing center, and woodworking CNC carving machine. Four series of more than one hundred products. It has provided industrial upgrading services for more than 3,000 enterprises around the world, exported more than 40 countries and regions, and has deep cooperation with many countries and regions along the Belt and Road the Belt and Road Initiatives. Among them, woodworking CNC machining center has outstanding competitive strength.
New era, new business. With the development strategy of big industry and big platform, Shenyang Rui Diao Machinery Factory will build an ecosystem that integrates innovation chain, industry chain, talent chain. Boosting the development of the smart furniture industry, taking on the responsibility of safeguarding the rise of furniture companies, enjoy the era of wisdom!
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Welding room
Welding workshop cover 500 meters square, professional welded technician, perfect welding details.
Milling house
With the introduction of high stability, high precision SINUMERIK 828D Germany Germany SIEMENS CNC system, pneumatic system, motor and other high-end configuration of the high precision engraving machine CNC equipment to mill Z axis plate and other parts, improve the mechanical precision, so that make engraving machine products higher precision and more stable.
Painting part
After the high temperature baking in the professional painting room, the adhesive force of the fuselage is stronger and it is more conducive to the painting process, which effectively prevents the finish of the abscission. The improved spray painting room is sufficient for the spray painting process of the 2030 model, improve the efficiency of large mechanical painting.
Welding processing
Professional welded technician weld uniform equidistance perfect welding details, make machines more strong stability
Annealing processing
By annealing to decrease iron hardness, improve the balance of the deformation and keep stable. Higher machine performance. Stabilized its micro-structure, enhance its strength and reduce its residual stress. the machine will have better performance in its working.
We adopts 8-10mm tube to welded the machine, by annealing, milling, sandblasting, painting. the whole machine will be have more beauty outside and strong working table, no deformation and lasting service time.
Reinforcing rib inside of beamReinforcing rib inside of machine side
Milling part
Three milling machine mainly work for 6-8m work piece.After milling ,the frame are more precise and smooth
Sandblasting processing
By sandblasting, could remove the iron rust of the surface and improve the machine stronger attachment, finest frosted surface, and lasting time, making machine more beauty outside after finishing painting, improve the machine the sense of three-dimensional and layering.
Spray-painting process
Spray-painting again after sandblasting, strengthen the adhesive force of the fuselage, effectively prevent the drop off of the finish. different from directly paint of other manufactory.
Adjustment processing
There are professional adjustment processing over and over to make sure the accuracy and improve machine quality.
Working processing
Grinding the surface of machine, keep every angle and surface smooth.
BAOTN oil pump adjusting
To prevents oil leakage, we use the BAOTN oil pump adjusting
Different from other original oil pump. With this pump, system time can be configured, locking function lock lubricating and intermittent time, the beeper makes sound and send alarm and offers abnormal signal output when oil volume or pressure is insufficient, overflow is provided to protect oil injector and pipeline from being damaged by high pressure.
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