Most Common Computer Problems and How to Solve Them


A computer is a very important tech-tool that almost all of us possess. No matter if you are using the computer for personal use or business or professional use; it can encounter problems any time. Some of the common computer problems and the best way to get a computer repair Chatswood are discussed as under:

Frozen Screen

When your computer screen freezes and you are not even able to save your unsaved work, the only option that you have is to reboot it and start afresh. While this problem could be because of insufficient RAM or a spyware or any other issue, you should look for a technician to help you recover data.

Strange Noises

There can be times when your PC or laptop makes strange noises. It could be a case of a noisy fan or a hard drive that is about to fail. No matter if you hard drive needs replacement or the fan needs to be changed; a trained technician would be able to fix this for you in no time.


With all the power supply that is used in the computer, overheating is natural. But it can cause serious damages to the components. To prevent this, it is important that you consult an expert if you encounter overheating in your laptop or PC.

Computer Won’t Start

If your computer doesn’t even start, the first thing you should do is to check the power supply. It could be possible that the PC is not getting proper power supply, due to the fault in the plug point. If the plug point is fine, you can consult a technician who can help you identify the problem and fix it.

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